Here’s The Surprisingly Wholesome Reason Why BTS Don’t Like Big Hotel Rooms

RM and Jimin would much rather they all share a small room.

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In episode 150 of Run BTS!, BTS played a series of games at Josun Palace Hotel to be assigned their hotel rooms each member would be staying in for their “staycation.” Some members were in lavish and large rooms like a Master’s Suite. Meanwhile, others were stuck in small suites or staterooms.

From left: Suga, Jin, RM, Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, and V of BTS.

When members visited large rooms such as Jungkook‘s Master’s Suite, they were shocked to see a hotel room of that size. Some wondered why it was so huge, especially since, at that time, one person would be staying in it.

Suga and V visit Jungkook’s room. | BTS/VLIVE

In fact, most members even left their own respective rooms to spend time with others in their much smaller rooms, such as Jimin‘s or Jin‘s, as was seen in episode 151. You can’t keep BTS apart for long.

From left: Jimin, Jin, and RM playing games. | BTS/VLIVE

In a new behind-the-scenes clip of the episode, Jimin and RM also shared a personal conversation. RM had gone over to Jimin’s room to join him and confessed that he felt that he didn’t need his Junior Suite.

I don’t think I need the Junior Suite. I think this room is a perfect size.

— RM

Jimin (left) and RM (right). | Weverse via @BTSupdate_7/Twitter

RM asked the room’s owner if he agreed. He and Jimin were able to bond over their hotel preferences.

RM: Don’t you think so?

Jimin: Yes, I do.

RM: I don’t like rooms that are too big.

Jimin: Me neither.

| Weverse via @BTSupdate_7/Twitter

RM then revealed the reason why he doesn’t like big rooms… He thinks they’re scary, which Jimin totally understood. It’s so nice to be able to share things with your friends and them completely understand where you are coming from.

RM: It feels a bit scary.

Jimin: Same here.

RM: This room size is perfect.

| Weverse via @BTSupdate_7/Twitter

And because it’s always more the merrier, RM and Jimin even invited others to join them in the perfect-sized room. First, they asked the members via Zoom if they wanted to come over to play board games with them.

Suga (left) and Jimin with RM (right) on Zoom. | Weverse via @ourinnerchild7/Twitter

Sure enough, later, V joined the two, and they played some video games too. Smaller rooms are much cozier, that’s for sure!

From left: V, RM, and Jimin. | Weverse via @ourinnerchild7/Twitter

Watch the behind-the-scenes clips below:

Source: Weverse and @BTSupdate_7