Lie Detector Test Exposes What WINNER’s Hoony Actually Thinks Of His Friend BLACKPINK’s Lisa

They have shown off their close friendship in the past.

YG Entertainment groups WINNER and BLACKPINK have repeatedly shown off their close friendship. For instance, WINNER’s Hoony playfully described what BLACKPINK’s Lisa is like as a friend.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and WINNER’s Hoony | @maetamong/Instagram

And WINNER’s Mino hyped up BLACKPINK Jennie‘s solo debut, “SOLO,” on a broadcast.

WINNER’s Mino and BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

So it wasn’t surprising to fans that WINNER would joke about their friendship with BLACKPINK while filming their latest variety show, WINNER’s HOLIDAY.

During the fourth episode, Hoony was the first member to participate in the “lie detector game.”

WINNER’s Hoony, Yoon, Jinu, and Mino | WINNER/YouTube 

And immediately, Mino gave him a shocking question: if he just sees Lisa as “a [little] sister that helps [him] get good views.

| WINNER/YouTube 

But Hoony didn’t hesitate to refute the claim, explaining that not only is Lisa his actual friend, but she is also his “superstar,” “hero,” and “angel.”

| WINNER/YouTube 
| WINNER/YouTube 

Which the lie detector ultimately decided was the truth.

| WINNER/YouTube 

As always, fans loved seeing more of WINNER and BLACKPINK’s close bond.

You can read more about Lisa and Hoony’s friendship here.

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