WINNER’s Mino Was So Excited To Take On Zico’s “Any Song” Challenge He Couldn’t Wait For Zico

Mino was so excited he immediately tried out the challenge by himself:

After Zico posted his “Any Song” challenge with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and then with Chungha, everyone has been wondering who might be next to take on the challenge with Zico. WINNER‘s Mino, however, was so excited about the challenge he couldn’t wait for Zico!

image credit: @woozico0914/Instagram


Just in time for the song’s official release, Mino posted a video of himself taking on the challenge captioning his with, “I turned on any song and it turned out to be Zico’s song!” #anysongchallenge #mutualhelp #youknow? #thanks #phewicantbelieveimdoingthis.


Dressed in full sunflower wear and including a sunflower background, Mino brought some serious sunshine with his version of the challenge!


All that bright energy, however, didn’t stop Mino from bringing a whole lot of style and swagger to it too!


And although Zico might not have been with Mino during the challenge, Mino definitely knows his friend well because he perfectly synched with all the moves. In fact, some fans even combined Zico’s previous challenges with Mino’s to prove it!


While fans have definitely been loving Mino’s challenge, they’re not the only ones! Zico not only dropped a comment under Mino’s challenge declaring it to be on point but he also posted it on his own Instagram story!


Now the only question is, when will we get to see these two longtime friends do the challenge together! Check out Mino’s full challenge as well as Zico’s “Any Song” here!