Zombie Actor Reveals Secrets Behind Filming “All of Us Are Dead” And “Kingdom”

The filming sounds dangerous!

All of Us Are Dead is a K-Drama that gained immense international popularity for its intense action scenes and phenomenal acting. The drama centered around a high school that was the center of a zombie outbreak.

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Kingdom, in contrast, is a K-Drama that is focused on a zombie outbreak set in a fictional Joseon medieval-inspired world. Fans of the show found a particular eccentricity of the zombies to be entertaining.

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Recently one of the actors, who specializes in playing zombie roles, sat down for an interview with YouTube channel OSSC to watch scenes from classic zombie shows and explain how they’re filmed.

Actor Soo Chan Park has been acting for seventeen years and participated in the filming of All of Us Are Dead and Kingdom.

In order to be able to review a variety of zombie content, Soo Chan Park explains that there are multiple types of zombies. For instance, the zombies in All of Us Are Dead don’t have a clearly distinguished concept.

Meanwhile, the zombies in Train To Busan were “inspired by a rabid dog,” so the zombies were instructed to shake “their arms like crazy.”

One thing Soo Chan Park explains is that the zombies in shows can “eat flesh” by biting what are called scar patches.

The scar patches take a lot of time for the makeup team to prepare, but they essentially function as pretend skin that fellow actors are able to rip off to make it seem like they were actually biting skin.

But although he admits that he can often be initially intimidated by the special effects makeup of his fellow zombies, he quickly is more focused on giving them compliments on their makeup.

Then he explains how iconic scenes, like in both All of Us Are Dead and Train To Busan, where all of the zombies pile up and break glass are filmed.

Soo Chan Park explains that the filming usually requires special effects or “a mat on the ceiling” for people to fall on.

But to make the scenes as accurately hectic as possible, there isn’t any direction for any semblance of order based on weight for when the actors fall.

And Soo Chan Park also reveals the most challenging scene to film for Kingdom. He explains that in the first season, “there is a scene where people run away with a carriage for 7 hours.” Because the scene was filmed in a mountainous area, it only made the running more difficult, especially since it was very cold when they filmed.

Finally, Soo Chan Park confesses that if he could try acting any type of zombie he’s never attempted before, he would want to be a The Walking Dead zombie.

“Because they don’t run.”

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