WJSN’s 13 Members Share One Apartment…Here’s The Struggles They Go Through

The industry’s biggest girl group group has some unique struggles.

It is not uncommon for K-Pop group members to live together, but it’s still hard to imagine thirteen idols living under one roof. That is Cosmic Girls’ reality.

Cosmic Girls’ members BonaCheng Xiao, and Yeonjung shared their struggles during their March 12 appearance on KBS 2TV‘s Hello Counselor.


When a host asked about the group’s living arrangements, Yeonjung said, “My group is a 13-member group.


In fact, Cosmic Girls has the most members out of any girl group and some of their troubles are a direct consequence of the size of their group.


In the morning or evening, we always have to compete with each other to use the bathroom.


If I’m the last to take a shower, I have to wait for two hours.


She has to wait until at least five or six members finish showering first.


One time,” Bona added, “we didn’t have enough time…


…so we went to a sauna together.


Imagine having to wait 2 hours just to shower!

Source: Hello Counselor

WJSN (Cosmic Girls)

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