Wonder Girls’ Yubin and Sunmi Delight Fans With Their Unchanging Friendship

Friendship still going strong after all these years. ❤️

Former Wonder Girls members Yubin and Sunmi released a number of photos to their respective Instagram accounts.

Yubin and Sunmi captioned their photos “Yu & Mi” and “The world isn’t cool.”

The photos show Yubin and Sunmi, who met at an event venue, taking selfies. The two girls, who have a polished appearance, appealed to fans with their unchanging friendship and loving poses and expressions.

In August, Sunmi released her song “LALALAY”, which was considered a perfect all-kill for topping different charts in Korea. Yubin will release her third solo album Start Of The End, with the title song “Silent Movie (Feat. T)” on October 30.

It’s nice to see that although it’s been several years since the Wonder Girls disbanded, Sunmi and Yubin are still so close!

Source: kstyle