WOODZ Gives An Update On The Group Status Of UNIQ

Always waiting on a UNIQ reunion!

Third-generation K-Pop fans probably remember when the Korean-Chinese group UNIQ made their debut. Consisting of five members, UNIQ was originally a collaborative effort between YG Entertainment and Yuehua.


The group saw great popularity despite only releasing one album, including recording the OSTs for the Chinese releases of TMNT and Penguins of Madagascar.

UNIQ has never officially “disbanded” with any sort of announcement, but each member has been pursuing individual projects since 2018 — Wang Yibo has seen a great deal of popularity following the release of The Untamed; Yixuan debuted in the group New Storm; Wenhan debuted in the group UNINE, and Sungjoo has been pursuing different acting projects.

Sungjoo, Cho Seungyoun (WOODZ), Wenhan, Wang Yibo, and Yixuan.

Cho Seungyoun debuted as the solo artist WOODZ and was part of the Produce X 101 winning group, X1, before its forced disbandment.

WOODZ | EDAM Entertainment

WOODZ recently returned with “Abyss” and appeared on 1theK‘s “Look Me Up,” where stars look themselves up online and answer questions about their identity.



He began the episode by reviewing his profile, surprising the staff with the number of schools he attended, and giving some background information on his friendship with GOT7‘s Yugyeom.

He then reads his profile information about UNIQ, with the writing saying that UNIQ took a hiatus.

WOODZ says that rather than taking a hiatus, UNIQ faced difficulties promoting as a group and mentioned that the three Chinese members became a hit in China at that time.



He specifically talks about how Wang Yibo’s popularity soared in China, so it made more sense for those members to promote in China. WOODZ finishes by saying that rather than a hiatus, they took a “break” from the title UNIQ.

Fans have held out hope that the group might one day reunite, and this seems to support that idea! Earlier this year, the group did “reunite” to help one of the members propose to his girlfriend, which you can read about below!

UNIQ “Reunite” For The First Time In Five Years To Help With A Member’s Marriage Proposal



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