X1 Fans Become Heartbroken After Being Denied Lee Hangyul’s Birthday Event

“The movie theater event has now been cancelled…”

X1 Lee Hangyul‘s fans are now completely heartbroken, after being denied the permission to host special birthday celebrations in Korean movie theater franchises like CGV, Megabox, and Lotte Cinema.


The fan club @hangyul_support on Twitter, also known as Lee Hangyul Supporters, had been fundraising for weeks to prepare special events to celebrate the members’ upcoming birthday on December 7, 2019. One of their main celebrations included funding several “Hangyul Screens” in movie theaters around Seoul, Korea.


The social media account announced on November 13, 2019, however, that all three major theater franchises have turned down the fan club’s application for the special screens.

The event was planned to begin November 30, 2019. However, in the process of signing up with CGV theater, we had been denied permission on November 11, 2019. As of today, we have been denied permission from Megabox and Lotte Cinema as well. Therefore, the movie theater event has now been cancelled.

— Lee Hangyul Supporters


The fan club shared that it will use the raised funds to host other celebratory events, congratulating Lee Hangyul on his birthday.

So far, on November 13, 2019, we have reached 87% of the goal amount. We’re looking into other awesome events to replace the movie theater event. As soon as we reach 90% of the fundraiser goal amount, we will announce the new event. Thank you.

— Lee Hangyul Supporters


As X1 fans try to stay positive and scurry to set up other birthday events, K-Pop fans and netizens look on with heavy hearts.

I had no idea the theaters ever turn these down. Poor fans. They must be so frustrated…

— Netizen

Source: THEQOO