X1’s Lee Hangyul Wore A Beret And Glasses And People Are Freaking Out Over How Cute He Is

King of duality.

During X1‘s appearance on The Show, Lee Hangyul surprised fans with his cute image when he showed up wearing a beret and big, round glasses.

Fans are used to seeing Hangyul’s more mature, sexy side, especially when he’s performing on stage.

Photos like these remind fans that Hangyul is a regular 19-year old guy.. who also happens to be a handsome, famous rookie idol!

Lee Hangyul’s visuals are serious out of this world…

– Korean Netizen

As fans get more glimpses at Hangyul’s duality, the more they look forward to seeing this side of him. Some even hope that X1 takes on a fresher concept for their comeback, but only time can tell if they’ll ever go for that image.

Source: Pann