Yoo In Na Believes Emotional Cheating Is Much Worse Than Physical Cheating

Yoo In Na explained her reasoning behind why she thinks emotional cheating is more hurtful.

On a recent episode of JTBC’s Love of 7.7 Billion, Yoo In Na expressed her true thoughts on emotional and physical cheating.

Yoo In Na surprised the panel by explaining that she would be much more hurt by emotional cheating than physical cheating.

I hate both emotional and physical cheating, but I feel like I’d have different kinds of shock from each one.

– Yoo In Na

She went on to explain why those two different types of cheating would feel different for her.

If my man physically cheated on me, I’d think he was a pathetic man who can’t control himself, but if he emotionally cheated on me, I’d wonder if he stopped loving me or if I did something wrong.

– Yoo In Na

Jang Young Ran agreed with this and added that while physical cheating could be initiated by another woman, emotional cheating is in full control of that man.

In terms of physical cheating, a woman could pounce on him and initiate it first. But I can’t accept his heart being stolen by another.

– Jang Young Ran

Kim Heechul also agreed that emotional cheating could be more dangerous than physical cheating.

Emotional cheating is more dangerous.

– Kim Heechul

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Source: Dispatch