Yoo Seung Ho Responds to Upsetting Online Comments Calling Him Fat

Poor Yoo Seung Ho…

Actor Yoo Seung Ho recently responded to upsetting online comments calling him fat.

The actor took to Instagram to convey the message that he indeed knows he gained weight, but that he did it on purpose.

I purposely gained weight because I’m playing a police officer… I know my face got fatter…

– Yoo Seung Ho


As soon as his recent drama, Memorist came out, netizens criticized the actor for getting fat.

Although he gained weight on purpose in order to play the police officer with supernatural powers on the show, fans didn’t let him off easy by pointing out his weight, especially on his face.

But when Yoo Seung Ho responded to the criticism in a sad way, other fans came to his defense with comments such as “What do you mean he got fatter?” and “He still looks so handsome“.

Netizens never let stars catch a break, do they?

Hopefully, Yoo Seung Ho realizes that he looks just as handsome whether he’s a few pounds heavier or lighter!

Because he still looks so good.

Source: Insight