Yook Ji Dam’s Dad Speaks Up About Her Dating Kang Daniel, and Now Everyone Is Even More Confused

Adding to one of the strangest dating scandals to break out in 2018, Yook Ji Dam’s father has now released a statement.

Recently, Yook Ji Dam uploaded several posts claiming that she had dated Wanna One’s Kang Daniel before he  participated as a trainee on Produce 101, Season 2. She even demanded feedback from a self-insert fanfic writer, claiming that the scenarios were so similar to their relationship that she must have been stalking them.

The legitimacy of her claims was, naturally questioned, with many saying that she must have been drunk, high, or having a mental breakdown.

(★BREAKING) “Unpretty Rapstar” Rapper Yook Ji Dam Claims She Dated Kang Daniel

Yook Ji Dam’s fellow participant on Unpretty Rapstar, Kasper, then uploaded her own statement, confirming that the two had dated but decided to amicably part ways so that Daniel could focus on training to become an idol.

(★BREAKING) Rapper Kasper Claims Yook Ji Dam And Kang Daniel Were In A Relationship

Shortly thereafter, YMC Entertainment released an official statement that completely denied the allegations and promised legal action against anyone spreading false rumours. They stated that their relationship was purely platonic.

(★BREAKING) Wanna One’s Agency Denies Yook Ji Dam Dated Kang Daniel

Although the matter seemed to put at rest, Yook Ji Dam’s father decided to release a statement about the issue as well since Ji Dam does not have an agency to represent her at the moment.

“The situation has magnified significantly. It’s difficult for me to explain why she uploaded that kind of post, or what she was thinking. From what I know, the two had a relationship similar to what Kasper described.”

Source: Segye

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