Yoon Doojoon Is Looking Happier Than Ever 1 Year After Entering the Military

His smiles look very genuine in the photos.

A military music event recently took place in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, and among the various stars that attended, Highlight‘s Yoon Doojoon drew particular attention with his blinding visuals.

Yoon Doojoon joined the military in August of last year, and he recently stood on the stage as a corporal.

Despite having short hair and a military outfit that didn’t particularly stand out, Yoon Doojoon’s handsome facial features and bright smile caught the attention of many.

Not only did he look handsome, but his smile appeared genuine as he looked happier than ever 1 year after enlisting in the military.

It mustn’t be easy serving in the military, but Yoon Doojoon seems to be making the best of it.

He is set to be discharged on April 10 of next year.

Source: Insight