One Stray Cat From YouTube Is Taking Over The Internet For Being TWICE Jeongyeon’s Doppelgänger

She even got named after Jeongyeon!

A Korean YouTuber, by the channel name of haha ha, shares vlog-type content mainly featuring the many stray cats spotted around his fish hatchery.

Among the numerous faces, this particular cat — named Yeonnim — is stealing the internet’s heart…

… for looking like TWICE‘s Jeongyeon!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon

Yeonnim is a charismatic one…

… exactly like Jeongyeon.

The name also comes from the “yeon” in Jeongyeon’s name!

Do you see the uncanny resemblance?

Thanks to yeonnim and other cats, haha ha‘s channel boasts a growing subscriber pool of 742K and counting.

That makes total sense though.

What isn’t there to love about a sassy cat with Jeongyeon’s face?

Watch yeonnim be her most fabulous self:

Source: THEQOO