ZE:A’s Kim Taeheon Opens Up About His Financial Situation And Support Received From His Fellow Members

He reveals how the group split their income, and what he’s been doing for work.

Second-generation group ZE:A debuted in 2010, becoming the second boy group under Star Empire Entertainment.

The group’s last release was in 2015, and they have been on a hiatus ever since, with promises in 2017 of reuniting as a group when the time is right.


Many of the members have remained in the entertainment industry while some members have branched out to discover new talents and explore different interests.

ZE:A’s Kim Taeheon recently made a rare appearance on a variety program, during which he updates fans on the last six years of his life, which has included working various laborious jobs, participating in boxing competitions, and joining a theatre group.

ZE:A’s Kim Taeheon | @th_618/Instagram

While discussing his financial struggles over the past few years, he opened up about how ZE:A handled their income when they were active as a group.

During the years ZE:A was active, Taeheon revealed he didn’t make a lot of money. Instead of splitting their income as a group, the members were paid for the work they did as individuals.

I did make some money as part of ZE:A… but it wasn’t much. ZE:A members were paid individually and not as a team. So there was a huge difference in what each member made. ZE:A didn’t split any of the payments; Each member was paid for the amount of work that they did.

— ZE:A’s Taeheon

As an example, Taeheon shared that if Im Siwan (also stylized as Im Si Wan), who is also a talented actor, shot a commercial, the earning would be his alone. Taeheon clarified that the group agreed upon the income distribution from the beginning, preventing hard feelings between the members.

For example, if Siwan hyung shoots a commercial, all of the earnings would be his. The members had agreed from the beginning that it should be that way, so no one would end up having any sour feelings.

— ZE:A’s Taeheon

Taeheon revealed that two years ago he was working at a construction site, but the job wasn’t covering his bills. At the time he was living without heat, water, and electricity because he couldn’t pay the bills.

Taeheon recently celebrated his birthday in June and said that fellow member Kwanghee had reached out to him. He encouraged Taeheon, telling him that all of his fellow members were thinking of him, and even sent him cash as a birthday gift.

It was my birthday in June. And Kwanghee reached out to me! He was like, ‘I hope you’re not struggling too much.‘ He said that all the ZE:A members are thinking of me. He also told me not to give up, because he had great faith in me and he knew that I’m the diligent type. And then he sent me some cash as a birthday gift!

— ZE:A’s Taeheon

Taeheon shared that his fellow members continue to be there for him, and he really misses ZE:A. Although they’ve been inactive as a group, Taeheon hopes they’ll reunite for a comeback before the end of next year.

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ZE:A’s Kim Taeheon Realistically Updates Fans On His Life Since The Group’s Hiatus

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