ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin Actions Towards Fans During His Birthday Live Stream Show Off His True Personality

What a thoughtful gesture!

As fans eagerly await the debut of ZEROBASEONE, the group formed by the survival series Boys Planet, they have been entertained in various ways.

ZEROBASEONE | @ZB1_official/Instagram

After the release of their first official profile photos

| @ZB1_official/Instagram

…the group were also featured in their first magazine, a stylish cover story in 1st Look’s June edition. The version, aptly titled “It’s Our Time To Bloom,” featured group and solo images of ZEROBASEONE around and with flowers.

| 1st Look
| 1st Look

Fans have also been treated to special birthday live streams for the members whose birthdays have fallen between the line-up announcement and their debut.

Ricky was the first member to celebrate with fans, amusing everyone with his royal celebration, as Seok Matthew went for a cupid-themed party.

ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky | @ZB1_official/Instagram
ZEROBASEONE’s Seok Matthew | @ZB1_official/Instagram

On June 13, leader Sung Hanbin celebrated his 22nd birthday, continuing the live stream tradition.

Sung Hanbin | @ZB1_official/Instagram

While fans were happy to spend time with him on such a special occasion, one moment stood out as it showed what kind of person Hanbin is.

| @ZB1_official/Instagram

As part of the celebration, Hanbin read a speech thanking fans for celebrating his birthday, but with one special catch — he prepared it in three different languages!

Dear my Zeroses. I will never let you down. Let’s stay together forever. I love you, my lovely flower.

Hanbin’s English speech

Hanbin shared his feelings in English, Chinese, and Japanese, and fans couldn’t help but swoon over his thoughtful actions!

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