ZEROBASEONE Lovingly Teases Gyuvin For His Iconic “Boys Planet” Finale Speech

His reaction! 😂

Despite having yet to debut, ZEROBASEONE already has their fair share of hilarious inside jokes!

Jokester Gyuvin surprised fans with his silly personality that contrasts with his handsome face. However, not all of his funny moments are intentional!

Viewers found it heartwarming when Gyuvin cried during his speech in the finale episode of Boys Planet. One line that made fans (and ZB1 members) burst into laughter was an English phrase that quickly gained attention on social media.

I actually prepared my sentences but sorry, I forgot.

— Gyuvin

Everyone was endeared by the moment — Even his fellow members!

This super cute moment has lead to his fellow members lovingly teasing him on multiple occasions.

Most recently, during their OZE Live event, Gyuvin forgot what he was going to say. Ricky took the hilarious opportunity to bring back the joke!

On another occasion, Gunwook also mimicked Gyuvin’s hilarious line.

With this group of comedians, it seems this joke isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Check out more below.

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