8 Heartbreaking Celebrity Breakups In 2017 That We’re Still Not Over

Breaking up is never easy and celebrity couples feel heartbreak just the same as anyone else. But, it’s not just the celebrities that feel sad. Fans around the world who shipped these couples get heartbroken in the process too. Thankfully, most of these broken relationships end up with the idols remaining as friends. Here’s a […]


(★BREAKING) Both Agencies Confirm That Lee Min Ho and Suzy Broke Up

Both agencies have made statements, confirming the couple’s breakup. JYP Entertainment and MYM Entertainment confirmed that the two have indeed broken up. “It’s true that they have broken up. They have decided to remain good friends in the industry.  — JYP Entertainment   It is true that they both broke up recently. The reasons and […]

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(★BREAKING) Suzy and Lee Min Ho Break Up After 2 Years

Ilgan Sports, a Korean media outlet reported that Lee Min Ho and Suzy ended their relationship. The media outlet got contacted by an alleged insider and leaked the news. “Lee Min Ho and Suzy broke up recently.” — Entertainment Insider Both of their agencies released statements regarding the report but did not confirm or deny […]


[★TRENDING] The True Story Behind How Suzy and Lee Min Ho First Fell In Love

Lee Min Ho and Suzy are no doubt one of K-Pop’s biggest power couples, but the 2 have remained mostly out of the spotlight since their relationship was revealed to the world. As a result, any news of the couple’s dating life is both rare and highly sought after by fans. Now, an insider has revealed details […]

13 K-Drama Couples That Turned Into Real Life Relationships

These iconic on-screen romances all turned into real-life true love stories off-screen for these amazing K-Drama actors. 1. Lee Chung Ah & Lee Ki WooThe co-stars of Flower Boy Ramen Shop revealed they were dating each other in 2013. They met on the set in 2011, and he took two years to ask her out.  They’re still […]

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