Amber shyly sends video message to her crush from “Real Men”

In the most recent broadcast of JTBC‘s Everybodyf(x)’s Amber sends a video message to her trainer and crush from MBC‘s Real Men.

Aired on March 20th, Amber talked about her experience on Real Men; she mentioned “I have reached a new stage of tiredness while filming for ‘Real Men.'” 

Hearing this, MC Kim Jong Kook playfully asked, “You’re tired yet I’ve heard of your ‘honey voice’ instructor,” to which she wittily responded, “Am I not allowed to like him?” 

Afterwards, Kim Jong Kook lightheartedly asked Amber to send her instructor a video message.

Suddenly shy, Amber sends her message, asking him, “Are you doing well? I’ll meet you you later. I will call you.” Watching this, Kim Jongkook complimented her, saying, “It’s nice seeing you like this. You look so beautiful.”

Previously, she has mentioned the instructor on Real Men was fit her ideal type and has started to follow him on Instagram.

Watch the clip here:


Source: Newsen