John Cho dances to Crayon Pop on ABC’s “Selfie”

John Cho‘s dance moves are contagious as he goes crazy to Crayon Pop‘s “Bar, Bar, Bar” in ABC’s latest episode of Selfie.

John Cho, who is known for his roles in Harold and Kumar, the Star Trek reboot series, and American Pie, is currently starring in ABC’s hit series Selfie and his character, Henry, recently had a run-in with K-pop music.

Eliza and Henry babysit their friend’s young son, Kevin, who becomes a DJ in a wardrobe room. He then gives a shoutout to “my man”, referring to John Cho’s character, Henry, as he begins to play “Bar, Bar, Bar.”

To see how Henry reacts, watch the video below!

Recently, John Cho participated in a Reddit AMA where he talked about Asian American roles in hollywood, North Korea, and even some fun facts about himself. Crayon Pop, on the other hand, recently debuted subunit Strawberry Milk with adorable twins Choa and Way. Their debut track “OK” has reached over 1 million views and there cute and bubbly song has received some unique fan attention lately!

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