[★ VIDEO] Lovelyz surprises member Sujeong on her 18th birthday

On November 19th, the members and staff of Woollim Entertainment‘s newest group Lovelyz surprised member Ryu Sujeong on her 18th birthday with an impromptu celebration! 

The video, which was uploaded on the official Lovelyz YouTube channel, was revealed to be hidden camera footage. The video begins with a dimly lit room, where staff and members sang happy birthday to Sujeong. The girls were presumably in the process of signing what appears to be copies of their debut album Girls’ Invasion before the surprise celebration, as many of the members still had pens in their hands in the video.

After having her hands up against her face throughout the birthday chant, Sujeong revealed her tear covered face to blow out the candles of her birthday cake, but not before putting on a Pororo the Little Penguin hat. Despite continuing to cry from the rush of emotions, the singer thanked her members and the staff for surprising her and getting her a cake which was affectionately decorated with the words “I  ♥ YOU“. The singer was also presented with a birthday gift, which appeared to include a music CD.

The singer proceeded to cut her cake to distribute among the 13 people present, but was ambushed by a staff member, who smeared cake all over her face. Sujeong in turn tried to smear cake in the face of member Baby Soul, but to no avail, as her fellow member was quick to dodge. At some point, the staff member recording with the “hidden camera” must have revealed that he was filming the celebration, however, as Sujeong went on to thank her fans for their support. As she was doing so, the other members of Lovelyz stood in the background eating the cake using paper cups, possibly due to the lack of disposable plates and utensils.

The other members proceeded to take turns expressing their love for Sujeong by speaking into the camera before the birthday girl, who was covered in a duck-themed blanket, thanked everyone once again for the celebration, ending the video.

Lovelyz recently made their debut with “Candy Jelly Love“, and has already been quite popular. Despite controversy involving one of their members, the girls made a strong debut showcase, and also recently appeared on “MelOn Premiere Showcase”.

What did you think about Lovelyz’s birthday surprise for their second-youngest member Sujeong? Are you a fan of Lovelyz yet? Check out the video below!