Apink releases colorful group teaser images for July comeback

Apink has confirmed a date for their upcoming summer comeback, along with two new group teaser images!

Similar to the first teaser image revealed last week, the faces of the members are hidden, but fans would still be able to identify their favorite members. The two photos show pretty tints of blue and pink, as the girls face the sea. Wearing short sleeves and shorts, they seem to ready for some fun in this hot season.

The text “pink memory” is also added onto the images, likely to be the name of the album, scheduled to be released on July 16th.

Additionally, Apink is working with Shinsadong Tiger to produce good songs for them again, following successful promotions for the past two years with “No No No” and “LUV.”

Numerous girl groups are rushing for a summer comeback this year, including SISTAR, who is currently topping music chartsGirls’ Generation, Ailee, Girl’s Day, AOA, 9MUSES, Wonder Girls, and SONAMOO.

[#에이핑크] Apink Comeback Teaser 2015.07.16

Posted by Apink on Sunday, June 28, 2015