Idols who have suffered from the most unbelievable stage accidents

With idols performing a variety of tracks in a variety of different conditions, it’s no surprise that artists continue to suffer from stage accidents.

Stage accidents can be sad, hilarious, or just plain dangerous. While some idols forget their lyrics on stage, other stage accidents become more well known, such as the watery stage that skyrocketed rookie girl group G-Friend to fame. There are also painful accidents that occur, like when HISTORY‘s Jaeho injured himself on Show Champion or when Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon fell off stage during a music awards show.

Netizens have praised multiple groups for their professionalism on stage, despite accidents that occur, such as when the members of Lovelyz ended up clashing due to being on a small stage. Over the years, there have been many stage accidents broadcasted live, including wardrobe malfunctions and medical problems.

Recent stage incidents have included the members of SEVENTEEN slipping on a wet stage while performing “Pretty,” SISTAR‘s Hyorin falling flat on her face while performing “Shady Girl,” SISTAR’s Soyou slipping all over the stage while performing “Shake It” and exiting the stage, f(x)‘s Krystal fainting on stage during “Mr. Boogie,” Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun losing her footing at the end of her part in “Oh,” the members of Davichi bursting into laughter due to the wind and messing up the lyrics to their song, multiple members of G-Friend falling on stage, IU falling at an awards ceremony, SISTAR’s Dasom accidentally throwing her mic, and more.

Over the years, netizens have compiled idols’ unfortunate stage accidents using fancams and broadcast videos. Check out the videos below to decide if the incidents were hilarious or just plain dangerous.

Source: Dispatch and Tolihyuk (토리혁)’s YouTube Channel