Netizens harshly criticize Yewon belatedly on her past Instagram post

Following the March 27th leaked video from the Lee Tae Im and Yewon argument, netizens are voicing their outrage at the singer-turned-actress’s role in the controversy by belatedly criticizing her recent Instagram post.

Earlier in the month, controversy arose regarding an argument between Lee Tae Im and Jewelry‘s Yewon during the recording of MBC‘s Tutoring Across Generations. It was initially reported that Lee Tae Im had stormed off the recording of the upcoming show while cursing at Yewon.

Media outlets released interviews with people around the area of the recording and a written transcript of the conversation that had transpired between the two celebrities. They claimed that Lee Tae Im was unprovoked and that her hostility was because she was upset with Yewon’s informal speech, with Yewon also stating that she had never spoke informally to the actress.

However, after weeks had passed, a video of the confrontation was leaked on March 27th, revealing that Yewon did speak informally, causing netizens to react to the previously reported claims. Included in their criticism, netizens are upset at Yewon for uploading a photo to Instagram on March 23rd of her smiling brightly while donning a fedora, white blouse, and polka-dotted skirt.



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Some netizen responses have included:

1. [+1,318, -115] I seriously hate liars and people who act fake… so two faced.

2. [+1,234, -101] She’s a fox who acts like a bear. You can tell right away that she’s a sly little fox ㅋㅋㅋ I bet women knew right from the bat… truly, a woman’s worst enemy is another woman ㅋㅋ

3. [+1,165, -89] Farewell

4. [+113, -10] I prefer Lee Tae Im for not being able to hold back her disdain and swearing at her than Yewon who lied to gain sympathy and media played (with MBC + producers + Dispatch + other journalists) to exile an entire career from the industry.

5. [+92, -7] I hope she hits rock bottom so that she gets the same treatment from another junior doing better than her ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+87, -7] Yewon: Journalist-nim, you don’t like me, right?

7. [+76, -5] Informal speech, up and down glare, success

Source: TV Report and Netizenbuzz