Jisoo to miss debut with Lovelyz for first showcase; undergoing psychological treatment

Since November 10th, negative news about Lovelyz member Seo Jisoo has been spreading around SNS portals, and it has been decided by Woollim Entertainment that Jisoo will not participate in the group’s debut showcase today as she is currently in the hospital.

On November 12th, Woollim Entertainment announced that, “because of the series of rumors, Lovelyz’s Seo Jisoo is not in good psychological condition, to the extent that she would not be able to take part in activities. As a result, she will not be participating in Lovelyz promotional activities, including the group’s debut showcase.

Through an interview with TV Report, the entertainment company also expressed, “Seo Jisoo is caught in such an unacceptable rumor and is suffering through it. Since morning, she has not been able to calm down, so she was admitted into the hospital,” and added, “For the sake of Seo Jisoo, she will first have to undergo psychological treatment. Until all treatment is over and until the culprit is caught, Seo Jisoo will not participate in any activities. But this does not mean that Seo Jisoo is out of Lovelyz.”

On November 11th, Woollim Entertainment released their stand on the issue, “Recently, negative comments about Seo Jisoo were spread around SNS portals. Regarding this, we say that the speculations are unfounded and we have handed it over to the Mapo police to investigate on it, hoping to find the one who posted and spread the original source.

Lovelyz’s debut showcase will still carry on with the remaining 7 members today (November 12th) at 4pm at K-ART Hall in Olympic Park.

Source: TV Report, Joy News