Zico releases image teasers for “Well Done” ft. Ja Mezz

Zico teases fans for his upcoming track “Well Done” featuring Ja Mezz with images on his SNS account.

After his solo debut with “Tough Cookie” in November 2014, Zico is coming back with a new track titled “Well Done” which features hip hop artist Ja Mezz.

The Block B leader first released two black and white images on his Twitter account yesterday on February 7th. One of the images includes lyrics which read, “I’m doing it right only the strong survive uh uh I make my mama proud go ahead you can’t ignore it now.”

Through his teaser photos, the artist displays a variety of sceneries which includes a water shore as well as a long straight road surrounded by a forest. Within his two days of teasing, Zico has hyped up many fans for his upcoming release.

Meanwhile, he and rapper Yuk Ji Dam recently released a music video for the song “Up All Night” which was produced by Zico himself.

Check out the teaser photos for “Well Done”: