Little Women

“Little Women” Writer Revealed A Romantic Subplot Between Kim Go Eun And Wi Ha Joon Was Possible, But It Didn’t Happen For One Simple Reason
This is worse than a heart break.
K-Drama “Little Women” Removed From Vietnam Due To “Distortion Of History”
K-Netizens are in support of Vietnamese viewers.
“Little Women” Actress Park Ji Hu Is A True K-Pop Fan, And Her Co-Stars Have Connections To Her Biases
She’s so real!
Netizens Desperately Want “Little Women” Leads Wi Ha Joon And Kim Go Eun To Star In A Rom-Com Together
Can we at least get a happy ending for Choi Do Il and Oh In Joo?
Kim Go Eun Is Song Joong Ki’s Biggest Fan On The Set Of K-Drama “Little Women”
We need them to star in a K-Drama together!
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