“Little Women” Writer Revealed A Romantic Subplot Between Kim Go Eun And Wi Ha Joon Was Possible, But It Didn’t Happen For One Simple Reason

This is worse than a heart break.

Scriptwriter Jeong Seo Gyeong briefly touched upon the possibility of a romantic relationship between the characters of Oh In Joo (played by Kim Go Eun) and Choi Do Il (played by Wi Ha Joon) in Little Women during a recent interview.

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She said that the character of Choi Do Il was primarily written as the driving force of the plot, the brain that comes up with plans to assist In Joo in the journey. But as more and more viewers started to also focus on the dynamic between the two characters, she decided to mold the story around their growing relationship to satisfy viewer expectations. Though she was not against the possibility of romance, her focus was somewhere else for In Joo.

It’s not that I didn’t support the relationship between the two, but since In Joo is a realtionship-dependent person, I thought the focus should be on her independence and growth.

—Jeong Seo Gyeong, OSEN

She also said that if the series had one more episode, Do Il and In Joo would have gotten their happy ending together. Both the characters needed that time to develop their emotions.

In Joo would have been the person Do Il chose to love. If he had to fall in love and share his life with someone, it had to be In Joo.

—Jeong Seo Gyeong, OSEN

Fans who were desperately rooting for a hint of romance between Do Il and In Joo are now even more restless to see it happen in any way possible.

Since the series was originally approved for only 12 episodes by the network, it is unlikely that this wish will come true. But one can hope we at least see the two actors in a romance drama soon.

Source: OSEN

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