10 Gifs Of BTS’s Jimin To Get You Through This Jimin Drought

We miss you Jimin!

BTS has been on their second ever extended vacation since they returned from the United States post their successful PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in Los Angeles, California.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Even though the members are on break, a lot has happened since that has had ARMYs on the exact opposite of a break.

From each member opening up their own personal Instagram account, to a new WEBTOON series, and personally designed “Artist-Made” merch; BTS has had ARMYs on the edge of their seats, and running to Twitter every day.

It’s almost as if the members opened up their Instagram accounts because they were going on a break! Each member has been sharing updates with what they’ve been up to these past few weeks on their Instagram stories and feed.

J-Hope and V shared some pictures of their trip to Hawaii, while Jungkook uploaded videos of him training, and more! One member in particular however has been more silent than the other members.

Although he boasts a whopping 28.4 million followers on Instagram, Jimin seems to be the least active with only 7 posts at this point in time.

ARMYs took to Twitter and trended “WHERE IS JIMIN” with tweets of the “Filter” singer wondering where he’s been.

We don’t blame them, we would also like to see what Jimin has been up to!

To hopefully help ease everyone’s souls, here are 10 gifs of Jimin to make you smile a little extra today.

1. Model Jimin

Look at Jimin modeling his older member Jin’s pajama set.

2. Dancer Jimin

Jimin can make thousands of ARMYs lose their voices with his insane dance moves.

3. Cutie Jimin

The duality King!

4. Puppy

A puppy holding a puppy!

5. Kitty Gang

Jimin’s iconic “Kitty Gang” look sending ARMYs into meltdown.

6. Playing in the rain

We thought we’d seen it all, but Jimin playing ball in the rain is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

7. Up close and personal

Jimin could do nothing and still mesmerize us.

8. Siren eyes

Killing the siren eyes trend before it was a trend.

9. Blown away

Jimin with long hair, and laughing on stage is the best combo.

10. Handsome Jimin

Jimin has to know what he does to us with those facial expressions!

We hope these made you smile today! Until Jimin’s next post, find more updates below.

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