Here Are 10 Handsome And Super Talented Male Idols Born In 1998

Fans are always in awe of their visuals and talents!

The talents of K-Pop idols are incredibly impressive, and with each new generation, they just get more and more talented! While we previously saw 10 beautiful female K-Pop idols born in 1998 that take your breath away with all they ahem to offer, here are 10 male idols born in the same year that impress with their respective skills as well!


1) THE BOYZ’s Juyeon

The Boyz‘s Juyeon debuted in 2017 as the main dancer of the group! He’s one of the two best dancers in the group, and deeply impresses with his sharp moves and top-tier visuals. His cute personality is also a fan favorite, and fans love his charisma on stage, that’s contrasted by his surprisingly innocent nature!



 SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon debuted as the group’s main rapper in 2015, after roughly around 3 years of training. He was scouted by Pledis Entertainment in middle school, and hasn’t looked back since! He’s now loved for his incredible talent, killer good looks and chic personality, and continues to improve himself, introducing new aspects of him for fans to fall in love with!

February 18- Happy birthday Vernon!


3) PENTAGON’s Wooseok

PENTAGON‘s Wooseok became known as a CUBE Entertainment trainee since the latter half of 2014, and originally auditioned as a model, and then trained as a singer before finally making the switch to a rapper. He finally debuted as the main rapper and maknae of PENTAGON in 2016, and has enjoyed a fruitful career as a part of the group! He’s notable for his skilled rapping, as well as his songwriting credits for popular songs such as Wanna One‘s debut song, “Energetic”.


4) iKON’s Chan

iKON‘s Chan originally debuted a s child actor, and was very famous for the roles he did, such as playing the younger version of Changmin in TVXQ‘s “Balloons”, and also playing the young version of Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers. He initially joined Kids Planet Entertainment for 5 years, and then joined Fantagio in 2010 for a period of 4 years, before moving to YG Entertainment. He finally made his debut with iKON in 2015, and fans love him for his cheeky personality and incredible array of talents!


5) NCT 127’s Jungwoo

NCT 127‘s Jungwoo originally debuted in NCT U in 2018, later being added to NCT 127 as the tenth and final member! He joined SM Entertainment sometime in 2014, and trained for over 3 years, and was introduced as part of SME’s pre-debut training team SM Rookies in April 2018. He finally made his debut as the main vocalist of NCT U, and has been charming fans ever since with his immense talent, adorable personality and good looks, and fans can’t get over how amazing he is!


6) Stray Kids’ Lee Know

Stray KidsLee Know debuted as the main dancer of Stray Kids in 2018! He was always a dancer, and began his dancing career at a young age in middle school, dancing as a back up dancer for groups such as BTS. Other than JYP Entertainment, he also auditioned for CUBE Entertainment, but ended up joining JYPE as a trainee, and trained for one year before debuting with Stray Kids. Fans adore his hilarious and cutely odd personality, his incredible talents that help him dominate the stage and his fierce visuals are just an added bonus- he’s the whole package!


7) ATEEZ’s Seonghwa

ATEEZ‘s Seonghwa debuted in October 2018 as the vocalist and visual of his group! Originally auditioning as a rapper, he even trained extensively as one, before ultimately making his debut as a vocalist. Fans love him for his incredible talent, loving personality and killer visuals that are highlighted when he explodes with charisma on stage!


8) VERIVERY’s Minchan

VERIVERY‘s Minchan debuted as the lead vocalist and visual of VERIVERY in January 2019! He trained for around 2 and a half years, and fans love him for his honey vocals and wonderful personality!


9) ASTRO’s Moonbin

ASTRO‘s Moonbin originally debuted as a child actor, and starred as the younger version of TVXQ’s Yunho in their “Balloons” MV, and as the younger version of Seo Yijeong in “Boys Over Flowers”, both times alongside iKON’s Chan. He ultimately made his debut with ASTRO in February 2016, as the lead vocalist and main dancer of the group!


10) AB6IX’s Donghyun

Donghyun made his debut as the lead vocalist and visual of AB6IX in 2019. Previously a JYP Entertainment trainee, he eventually left and joined Brand New Music, and participated in Produce 101 Season 2, unfortunately placing 28th and hence, was eliminated from the show. With his debut with AB6IX, he’s now able to showcase all of his charms and talents, and fans are incredibly glad he debuted in AB6IX!