10 Moments When The BLACKPINK Members Were Humble And Kind-hearted Queens

BLINKs may need a tissue.

BLACKPINK is currently enjoying massive success with their pre-release single “How You Like That”, as it has smashed multiple records in just a short amount of time.

Despite how successful they’ve been throughout their careers, the members of BLACKPINK have always remained kind-hearted and humble. Here are a few moments when the BLACKPINK members showed their generous and warm personalities.

1. Inviting fans to their concert

During an episode of Stage K, BLACKPINK decided to ask some fans to come to their upcoming concert. The fans reluctantly declined, as they stated that they didn’t have the money for it. The fans were in for a surprise when the BLACKPINK members said they were inviting them, and that money wasn’t going to be an issue.

2. Rosé’s gesture to Nature

Rookie group Nature was a little hesitant to stand in front of BLACKPINK, so Rosé decided to help them out a little.

3. Always thinking about BLINKs

BLACKPINK are always thinking about BLINKs, such as the time when they prepared special gifts for them.

4. When they expected little reactions during Coachella

BLACKPINK made major headlines with their performance at Coachella. However, Jennie made a surprising statement regarding the expectations they had.

“We didn’t expect anybody to even, you know, know our music or anything.”

— Jennie

5. The members giving credit to the people who’ve helped them

The members always show appreciation for those that help them with their schedules.

6. Jennie giving her hairpin to a BLINK

Jennie has always shown her soft and loving side to BLINKs.

7. BLACKPINK not focusing on records

Lisa gave quite the heartwarming and humble answer when asked about the records they wanted to set with “How You Like That”.

8. Jisoo making sure BLINKs are eating

While Jisoo is quite playful with these kinds of statements, she’s always concerned about BLINKs.

9. Jennie taking care of a sick BLINK

Jennie showing her kind heart to BLINKs once again.

10. Their constant donations

The BLACKPINK members have made constant donations throughout the years, which have warmed the hearts of many.