10 Photos of TWICE’s Nayeon From Their Iconic 2019 MAMA Stage

Nayeon is so gorgeous!

The 2019 Mnet Asian Awards (MAMA) was a grand event this year, in large part due to the spectacular line-up of performers at the event! At 2019 MAMA, TWICE was one of the groups in attendance, where they performed their hit songs, “FANCY” and “Feel Special” (the official video performance of “Feel Special” is also the highest viewed performance from the event!). Not only did they perform, they also took home 4 awards!

In light of their gorgeous stage outfits and performance, here are 10 photos of TWICE’s Nayeon, confidence, glitter confetti and all!


1) Any still of Nayeon’s could be a painting!


2) Her visuals kill- just like her gaze!


3) We “Fancy” you too, Nayeon!


4) Her dancing is mesmerizing, just like her!


5) She’s waay too pretty in this shot!


6) Just a quick reminder to never ignore Nayeon’s beautiful eyes!


7) Nayeon covered in confetti is even more breathtaking, if that was possible.


8) Her dancing, coupled with her visuals, makes for a photo session worth every minute!


9) She’s gorgeous no matter what she does!


10) Nayeon should “Feel Special”, always!



Bonus: Gorgeous Nayeon in the middle of confetti!


TWICE recently wrapped up the Japan leg of their TWICELIGHTS tour. Nayeon recently appeared on Knowing Brothers alongside Park Jin Young (JYP) and Dahyun, and fans are falling for her funny and adorable personality even more!


Watch their “Feel Special” performance at the 2019 MAMA here!


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