10 Relatable Reactions As ARMYs Wait For BTS’s Suga’s “Chapter 2” Era

Fans are excitedly awaiting Suga’s next moves.

BTS‘s “Chapter 2” is in full swing and the members have been showing some skin and revealing their friendship tattoos.

(From left to right) BTS’s Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jin again | @blltprf_7withu/Twitter

Six of the seven members have revealed the location of their “7” friendship tattoo. Leader RM kicked it off by revealing the tattoo on his ankle. Jungkook got the tattoo behind his ear, Jimin‘s “7” tattoo is on his finger, J-Hope‘s friendship tattoo is on his calf, if V has received his tattoo, it may be on his arm, and Jin‘s is on his back.

(From right to left) BTS’s Jin, Suga, RM, V, Jimin, J-Hope, and Jungkook | Weverse

The only member who has not mentioned the friendship tattoo is Suga, despite V revealing that Suga was the mastermind behind the idea.

As fans wait for Suga to reveal his tattoo, they began to trend “#Min Yoongi” on Twitter.

June has been filled with exciting announcements about the BTS members’ individual activities, so many people wondered if something new had been announced for Suga. Hilariously, the hashtag seemed to be for the opposite reason.

| @agustd/Instagram

The tweets under the hashtag were a mix of fans hoping for a shirtless Suga pic, other fans hoping he stays covered up, and more fans awaiting his tattoo reveal.

Here are ten hilariously relatable ARMY reactions to waiting for Suga’s “Chapter 2” era.

1. “He didn’t even do anything”

2. Trending “Min Yoongi” just because is the new “Yoongi Marry Me”

3. Waiting for the tattoo reveal

4. Suga will inevitably break the internet once the final tattoo is revealed

5. But no rush…

6. “In Min Yoongi, we trust” that he stays clothed

7. Counting on Suga to stay wrapped up

8. The opposite reaction- “burn those shirts!”

9. They went from “No More Dream” to “No More Clothes”

10. Hoping to see even more sides of Suga in “Chapter 2”

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