10+ Relatable Tweets About MAMAMOO’s Wheein That Sum Up How Unbelievably Thirsty MooMoos Are For Her

How could Wheein simply attack #11 like that?

When it comes to thinking about MAMAMOO‘s Wheein, most MooMoos think about her powerful dance moves…

…mesmerizing voice, and of course…

…how could anyone ever forget about her trademark dimple that shows off how cute and innocent she can look like?

These are what “soft” Wheein stans adore about this talented vocalist — but what about her “hard” stand who love to appreciate her more “visual” features?

No need to guess about what they like: here are 10+ tweets that talk about how incredibly thirsty MooMoos are for Wheein.

1. Organize your eggs inside your fridge to make room for her

2. Even girls couldn’t resist her sex appeal

3. Home girl knows exactly what she’s doing

4. Wheein’s tongue attacking everyone in sight

5. Her outfit was already sexy enough, but together with her voice, too?

6. This MooMoo knows how to appreciate the finer things in life

7. Wheein will take no prisoners

8. Confidence is the new sexy

9. This is some serious queen energy right here

10. She has a wonderfully greasy teacher, after all

11. That’s how Wheein gets you: she attacks you without any warnings beforehand

12. Forget duality: Wheein has twice the duality and more

13. The sexy thing about her is that she doesn’t try too hard to be sexy — she just is

14. This must be what ear-gasm must feel like

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