10 Of SHINee Taemin’s Most Iconic Moments Of 2021

What an icon 🤩

No doubt: SHINee‘s Taemin is iconic!

SHINee’s Taemin | @lm_____ltm/Instagram

2021 blessed us with many iconic Taemin moments, and here’s a look at 10 of them we’ll never forget!

1. When he started the new year off right

Taemin treated fans to a performance of “Pansy” on January 1! Starting the year off with Taemin’s voice was great, especially since he accompanied himself on the piano.

2. When he said bye-bye to his black hair

Taemin did a live stream while on his way to dye his hair ahead of SHINee’s comeback with “Don’t Call Me.”

He was adorably excited to change his hair color!

Although this live stream was pretty short, it was a great example of Taemin’s entertaining 2021 live streams!

3. When he tried to find a date for his manager along with Key

Taemin and Key have a great, hilarious relationship with manager Nam Euisoo!

During one of their lives, this duo decided to help their manager find a partner. Taemin said, “He’s always no have girlfriend. He’s always solo.”

Key chimed in to say Nam Euisoo was “desperate for a wedding,” and he asked viewers to introduce someone to Nam Euisoo.

When Key explained that Nam Euisoo was old but not that old, Taemin chimed in to say that he’s “always alone.” When Key told him to “shut up,” Taemin told him no before saying they were just joking around. If you’re missing Taemin, this hilarious live stream is a must-watch!

4. The “Advice” music video

“Advice” is a masterpiece!

The choreography was really powerful and gave Taemin a chance to truly show off his incredible dancing. The song was also incredibly challenging to sing, but Taemin made it sound effortless.

All of his outfits from the video were simply iconic!

5. His every interaction with Kkoong

Taemin and Kkoong are the cutest pet and owner duo ever!

Kkoong appeared in many of Taemin’s live streams, and he showed us that Kkoong is one talented kitty. She can even shake hands!

We will always love this iconic duo!

6. When he turned his hand into a sculpture

Taemin is the king of thinking outside the box!

He created the Object Set, which is a jewelry holder in the shape of his hand.

He worked hard with the staff to bring his vision to life, and he posed for photos and 3D photos of his hand to make it more realistic. Only icons create molds of their hands for their fans!

7. When he revisited some of his most iconic eras

Taemin has been iconic his whole life, and he knows it!

During his online concert Beyond Live – Taemin: N.G.D.A., Taemin appeared as some of his past selves in a VCR.

Although it’s been a few years since he rocked some of those looks, he looked the same as he did back then!

8. When he created merch of himself and his cat

Taemin made merch of himself and Kkoong, and it’s the cutest thing ever!

He made the Taemari & Ggung brand, which features himself as an adorable baby chick and Kkoong as Ggung the cat. Just like the Object Set, Taemin came up with the concepts for this merch on his own.

He put a lot of detail into the merch, like making sure Kkoong’s mole was in the exact right spot. His hard work definitely paid off because all the merch is adorable!

9. When he told fans not to cheat on him

Taemin wants fans to focus only on him and SHINee!

Taemin told fans that he’s “quite envious,” and that he can’t stand it if fans put their attention elsewhere.

There’s no need for him to worry because he’s still got our full attention!

10. His first performance with the military band

Taemin made his debut with the military band this year!

Taemin, along with his fellow military band members, performed a medley of “We Are the World” by U.S.A. for Africa and “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson.

While it wasn’t the type of performance we’re used to from Taemin, he was just as iconic and great as ever!