10 Times BTS’s Jin Spoke The Truth And Didn’t Hold Back

Jin is the king of keeping it real! 👑

BTS‘s Jin is known as the “king of comedy,” hilariously observing situations and waiting to strike with his quick wit and savage remarks.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

ARMYs love his down-to-earth sense of humor that adds an extra level of relatability to the group. Here are ten times Jin hilariously spoke the truth and didn’t hold back.

1. Calling out chart manipulation at the 2019 MAMAs

BTS accepted the “Song of the Year” award for “Boy With Luv” at the 2019 MAMAs. While giving their acceptance speech, Jin earned praise for calling out the growing issue of chart manipulation in K-Pop.

BTS’s Jin at the 2019 MAMAs

I really want us to live in a world where all of those songs are heard and get recognition they deserve. I know there are some negative ways to do this, but music should be done in an honest way. I look forward to living in a world where music is produced in good faith, and heard in good faith.

— Jin

2. Agreeing with ARMYs about the price of his PJs

Earlier this year, BTS released a line of merch called the Artist Made Collection. As the name suggests, the members worked hard to design and plan the products released.

Jin’s collection was the first to drop, and while fans loved the items, the price tags were a little shocking.

For the pajama set Jin helped design, the price was revealed to be ₩119,000 KRW (about $82.60 USD), which surprised even Jin.

Jin’s “Good Day” pajamas from his Artist Made Collection | Weverse

Jin made a post on Weverse hilariously expressing confusion about the high price.

I did ask them to use a nice material for the pajamas. But what kind of price… I got surprised too.

— Jin

Jin acknowledging the high price of the PJs | Weverse

3. “I can buy my own presents”

In an interview last year, Jin was presented with a hypothetical scenario and was asked to choose between two options. If he had to choose between not being able to cry for a year in exchange for a present or not receiving a present and being able to cry all he wanted, Jin had a hilariously simple reply.

Jin didn’t need to choose, his savage reply was “I can buy my own presents… flex.

4. Jin’s jokingly brutal response to a fan’s marriage proposal

BTS’s Jin is known to reject all marriage proposals, but in this particular instance, he took it upon himself to answer on behalf of another member.

When a fan asked Jimin for his hand in marriage, Jin stepped in to decline with a simple “no.”

As for Jin’s response when a fan proposed to him, the savage honesty is too real.

5. “Just laugh”

While filming Carpool Karaoke with English actor and television host James Corden in 2020, Jin kept ARMYs and the back row of the car entertained with his quick wit.

BTS on “Carpool Karaoke” | The Late Late Show With James Corden/YouTube

BTS’s leader RM sat in the passenger seat as James Corden drove. While RM spoke to James in English, Jin responded that he didn’t know what they were saying but encouraged his fellow BTS members to laugh anyway.

6. “Oh you’re a joker guy”

When James Corden asked the members about nicknames they were given, Jin proudly declared that he is known as WWH, or “worldwide handsome.” James jokingly responded that he also had that name in school, to which Jin couldn’t hide his disbelief, loudly saying, “Oh, you’re a joker guy!

7. The only 10

Jin once confidently said, “I’m the only 10 here, while everyone else is an 8,” in a moment that’s hard to forget.

8. “It’s a cushion”

A fan on Weverse posted a photo of Jin holding an RJ plush pillow. The fan smoothly commented, “The cushion you are holding is not a cushion but my heart!”

Jin holding an RJ pillow | Pinterest

The lucky fan received a response from Jin, but it probably wasn’t the one they were hoping for. Jin savagely and honestly responded, “it’s a cushion.

Jin’s response | Weverse

9. “Can BTS come to my birthday party?”

Last year, BTS participated in the WIRED Autocomplete Interview, answering commonly searched questions about the group.

One autocomplete question was, “can BTS come to my birthday party?” Jin wasted no time letting the fan down easy, “Oh sorry… sorry, we are so busy.

| WIRED/YouTube 

10. What did I miss?

BIGHIT MUSIC released an official statement earlier this week stating the legal measures they’re pursuing to protect the privacy of their artists.

Moments after the statement was posted, Jin took to Weverse to react. In a “what did I miss” moment, Jin wondered what on earth someone could have done to have BIGHIT MUSIC confirm they’re taking legal action.

I wonder what the malicious commenters did to go to prosecution? They’re really out there just looking for trouble.

— Jin

He also made it clear he agreed with the measures BIGHIT MUSIC was taking by saying the violator was asking for trouble.

| Weverse

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