10 Tweet Reactions That Accurately Sum Up How We Feel About BTS’s New MV Teaser And Japanese Album

Simply put, we’re all losing our minds.

ARMY have been losing their minds today with an onslaught of news from BTS. From announcing a new Japanese album, releasing a music video teaser, to Jin having dinner with Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO Bang Si Hyuk, ARMY has had their hands full. And the best part is knowing that everyone is freaking out. Here are ten tweets that accurately sum up all the emotions ARMY are feeling:

It’s safe to say that when ARMY learned the content details of the album, they collectively got even more hype (if that’s even possible).

The news seemed to come out of no where, catching many ARMY off guard who were simply living their day out as they normally would.

Did I mention the amount of BTS content that ARMY received today? It was a lot.

And we haven’t even gotten to the actual music video teaser for “Film Out” yet! Actor Jin made a comeback in the teaser, and ARMY are over the moon.

Not to mention blonde jungkook is also making an epic comeback for the “Film Out” music video.

AND we might see crop top Jimin make a return as well! ARMY are speculating whether or not Jimin is wearing a crop top or a thick belt in the teaser, but either way we’re losing our minds.

We simply cannot handle it anymore.

Emotions are high, and ARMY are ecstatic about all the news. We can’t wait for the official music video and album to be released!

BTS on “You Quiz On The Block” | @bts_bighit/Twitter