Here Are 12 Times Female Idols Made Forever 21 Look Expensive

Time to go shopping!

In the K-Pop world, fashion is one of the most important things aside from talent. While these stars are usually donned in pricey brands and clothing, here are 12 times female idols were captured in affordable clothing brand, Forever 21!

1. TWICE’s Tzuyu

| @twiceapparel/Tumblr

To start us off is the gorgeous maknae of the super popular girl group TWICETzuyu is seen in this super cute yellow top that was DIYed into a crop top. With the embroidered motif ‘mon cheri’ and cherries in red, it provides a great contrast. This top is approximately $10.80 which is such a steal!

 2. TWICE’s Mina

| @twiceapparel/Tumblr

Here is Mina of TWICE captured wearing a cool varsity jacket outfit. Layered under her jacket is the focal point of this listicle. Wearing a cropped black sweatshirt that says ‘Extreme Paris’ on the front, she manages to make a $14 sweatshirt from Forever 21 look more expensive on stage.

3. TWICE’s Dahyun

This cutie who is known to be the camera killer was spotted wearing this adorable cherry dress. Dahyun layered the navy dress over a red long sleeve for one of TWICE’s performances. She elevates the look by wearing pigtails and over the knee socks to really enahnce the innocence. You can look this cute for just $17.90!

4. TWICE’s Nayeon

Perfect for any hot summer day, TWICE’s center Nayeon sports this funky and retro top. With a pop of color, this white and neon green polo shirt is paired with some cute denim shorts. For about $20, Nayeon proves that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to look idol ready.

5. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

She may be known as human CHANEL but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t wear affordable clothing. BLACKPINK‘s Jennie shocked netizens with this famous green crop top she wore for a Sprite event. Many thought it would be from an expensive designer brand but it was from Forever 21! She made it look much pricier which just proves that sometimes, price doesn’t matter.

6. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Jisoo is another example of how idols take cheap clothing and make it look expensive. This gorgeous idol is seen wearing this pretty blush pink top that has off-the-shoulder features. Paired with some funky jewelry and her long hair, she really adds the perfect feminine and faux luxurious touches.

7. IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon

The dancing machine of popular girl group IZ*ONE is next up on the list. Chaeyeon is wearing a faux leather skirt by the famous retailer for a promotional shoot. She is wearing the moto skirt with a blue leather blazer for a true funky feel. The skirt costs only $19.90 so go to your nearest Forever 21 location if you want to try to recreate this look!

8. IZ*ONE’s Nako

The cutie of this multinational group is seen wearing this fun skirt for a magazine shoot. For approximately $21.85, you can go get this skirt that Nako is wearing. The contrasted white stitching on the dark denim distinguishes it from other typical denim skirts. In her photo, she brightened up the entire look with fun yellow socks.

9. IZ*ONE’s Sakura

Look at how cute this top is! IZ*ONE’s ever popular member, Sakura wears this super fun daisy crop top that retails for $20.42. Paired with a light green cardigan, she makes it friendly for chillier summer days. It is the perfect top for music festivals!

10. Cherry Bullet’s Yuju

This is the perfect girl crush look and Cherry Bullet‘s Yuju nails it. Don’t be fooled by the funky angel graphic and bold lettering as this top only retails for $14. Paired with a black velvet skirt, Yuju shows everyone that it doesn’t take a ton of money to look effortlessly cool.

11. Red Velvet’s Joy

This beauty from Red Velvet is next on the list with this adorable dress. Joy is wearing the girliest little number for this photoshoot. This white wrap dress with heart details costs only $23 from the famous fashion retailer. She paired it with a big red hat and bold red lips to bring out the red heart details on the dress.

12. Gugudan’s Nayoung

Last on the list is this super cute set spotted on Gugudan‘s Nayoung! This pink crop set with pineapples all over is the perfect summer outfit. For a total of $22, Nayoung looks effortlessly cute but put together. She looks ready for a summer bbq all for a cheap price tag!

Source: Jennie Feature Image
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