15+ ICONIC 2019 K-Pop Outfits That Will Be Remembered Forever

Which one is your favorite?

K-Pop has always been known for its eclectic fashion that both male and female idols don. The year of 2019 only emphasized this fact even more, bringing out unique outfits that made eyes bulge for different reasons.

Check out the 15+ K-Pop fashion moments of the year that will surely be remembered forever.


1. BTS V’s Prince Fashion

BTS‘s V made headlines everywhere with his stage outfit for the 2019 Melon Music Awards. His ruffled neckline, embroidered jacket, and messy wet hair made it completely understandable why fans called him “King V”.

2. EXO Kai’s “Obsession” Crop Top

Arguably no one does crop tops like EXO‘s Kai. His confidence was on full display (along with his abs) in the group’s latest comeback “Obsession”.

Along with his tight leather pants, bright yellow blazer, and electrifying blue hair, this entire outfit was one for the books.

3. MAMAMOO Hwasa’s No-Bra Stance

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa turned heads nonstop with each no-bra outfit. She defended herself from haters during the “Hip” showcase, explaining that she prioritizes comfort over everything else.


4. BLACKPINK’s Coachella Outfits

Out of all stage costumes worn by BLACKPINK in 2019, their Coachella ones were a definite fan favorite. While the cut, colors, and general design of the outfits were not necessarily unique, the skirt and top combo was given a bohemian twist that matched the girls perfectly.


5. TWICE Dahyun’s Elsa Look

TWICE‘s “Feel Special” promotions had one particular outfit that was the talk of the town. Dahyun was somehow able to look just like Elsa from Frozen and Park Jin Young himself with her translucent pants. As usual, she pulled off the otherwise strange look flawlessly.


6. Somi’s Huge Bow

Somi must have known that her fans consider her a gift to the world, because she was wrapped in a huge bow for her debut song “Birthday”.

Unlike most people in the world, she managed to look both adorable and elegant at the same time despite the strange fashion.


7. Huta’s Blazer-Only Debut

BTOB‘s Minhyuk debuted as Huta in January 2019 with his album Hutazone. He certainly did not disappoint with both his performance and visuals as he was unafraid to show off his toned abs in a shirtless blazer.


8. LOONA’s Uniformed Pants

Most stylists assign some girl group members to wear skirts while others get shorts or pants. For LOONA, however, all 12 girls wore slacks and blouses, giving them an elegant and mature look that differed from their preppy “Hi High” debut.


9. Holland’s Grunge Photoshoot

Holland‘s Dazed photoshoot was all kinds of artsy. The greyscale tones of the image matched the gloomy atmosphere, and his black lipstick, tank top, and props added to the effect. It was a unique shoot that will go down as one of his most iconic works.


10. WINNER Mino’s Louis Vuitton Runway Attire

WINNER‘s Mino surprised fans when he suddenly appeared in Paris to model for luxury brand Louis Vuitton.

The green slacks, yellow polo, and grey blazer lined with a hot pink scarf might have looked strange in anyone but Mino. He pulled off the memorable look as he strut down the runway for the first time in his career.


11. MONSTA X’s Leather and Chains Stage Outfit

Few groups pull off the masculine look quite like MONSTA X. They are often praised in Korean and international media for their daring attire, incorporating skintight leather, chains, and lace into their outfits such as the ones for “Alligator”.


12. NCT Johnny’s Iconic Wig

NCT‘s Johnny was the subject of many memes when “Wakey-Wakey” was first released. The long wig tucked under a green cap and paired with baggy streetwear gave him a new aura. It was the kind of outfit NCTzens can still point at fondly years down the road.


13. ITZY Yeji’s Fishnet Top

ITZY‘s Yeji debuted confidently with a sleeveless fishnet top over a white sports bra. The outfit was easily one of the group’s most memorable from their debut era, as was her recognizable pigtails.


14. SHINee Taemin’s Dream Concert Outfit

SHINee‘s Taemin has the power to make any questionable attire look completely normal. The perfect example of this was his Dream Concert blue outfit featuring multiple belts, a bejeweled arm sleeve, and more that showed off his trendy fashion sense.


15. MAMAMOO Solar’s Ripped Shirt

Solar went viral around the world when she easily ripped her shirt off in a performance and revealed her toned abs. Her clothes (or lack thereof) consisted of a simple pair of shorts and a sports bra, turning up the heat in the venue.


16. Red Velvet Irene’s Stunning Wrap Dress

Red Velvet‘s Irene made heads turn while wearing a white bodycon dress. The sheer material was something only few could wear and still look good in, and Irene was undoubtedly one of them.

She was able to look classy and sexy at the same time, proving her power as a top visual.


17. BTS in the 2019 MAMA Awards

BTS grabbed everyone’s attention with their various outfits in the 2019 Mnet Asia Music Awards. Every single member showed off their individuality while maintaining a unified group look.

The outfits were a great example of K-Pop fashion in 2019: a little out there but a glorious sight to behold nonetheless.