15 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Rosé Made Our Hearts Full With Their Friendship

#13 is just so cute!

All BLACKPINK members are notably close with one another. Jisoo and Lisa, Jennie and Lisa, Rosé and Jennie, and more all have enviable friendships.

Another fan favorite duo is Rosé and Lisa. This powerful dancer pair has some of the cutest moments together. Check them out below!

1. When they hugged on stage

2. When Lisa kissed Rosé

3. When Lisa hugged Rosé

4. When they made finger hearts

5. When they made a big heart

6. When they were the cutest together

7. When Lisa ran past Rosé

8. When they rocked it on stage

9. When they were sassy on stage

10. When they sparkled in front of the camera

11. When they had fun on the plane

12. When they were excited to meet Lisa’s dad

13. When they cuddled one of Lisa’s cats

14. When Rosé stared at Lisa intently (and leaned in for a kiss)

15. And finally, when they had fun walking the streets together, like the BFFs they are!