17 Idols Who Absolutely Crushed The Blue Hair Look

If anyone can carry off blue hair, its them.

K-Pop idols have rocked some of the wildest colors, but blue hair seems to be rising in popularity and making its rounds lately! Several idols have been spotted sporting blue hair, and so, here’s a list of 10+ idols that truly crushed the blue hair look!

1) MAMAMOO’s Wheein

For MAMAMOO‘s recent comeback with “Hip”, Wheein has dyed her hair an inky blue that highlights her creamy white skin and makes her visuals stand out even more!

2) BTS’s V

BTS‘s V dyed his hair a striking blue for their 2019 “Boy With Luv” promotions, and had left fans open-mouthed with envy at how effortlessly he pulled off the look!

3) AOA’s Seolhyun

AOA made their comeback with “Come See Me” in November 2019, and Seolhyun dyed her hair a dark blue for those comeback promotions. This change in hair color especially drew looks because its the first time that Seolhyun has dyed her hair ever since her debut, and she absolutely killed it!

4) EXO’s Xiumin

EXO‘s Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin formed the first sub-unit of EXO called EXO-CBX, and for their debut promotions, Xiumin dyed his hair a bright blue that truly fit the theme of their flowery track, “Blooming Days”!

5) TWICE’s Jeongyeon

Back in 2018, Jeongyeon dyed her hair a bright blue, and trended worldwide for days! Her effortless beauty made her carry the blue color well, and it was a look fans know and miss all too much!

6) Hyuna

For Hyuna‘s 2015 comeback “Because I’m The Best”, she dyed her hair a bright blue with purple and green undertones, and proved exactly how she’s truly the best!

7) SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups

SEVENTEEN‘s leader S.Coups has also tried the blue hair look, and carried it off so well! During the group’s “Clap” promotions, he had a softer, more subtle hue of blue, while during SEVENTEEN’s “Boom Boom” era, he sported an electric blue color that truly and him stand out!

8) IU

IU also dyed her blue, in accordance with her “Blueming” promotions. She dyed her hair a bright color for the first time in a while, and had fans appreciating that look for days! Blue is just a color that IU does so well!

9) Red Velvet’s Wendy

Red Velvet‘s Wendy sported blue hair twice: during their debut “Happiness” era, she had two-toned hair with electric blue ends…

…and once more during the group’s “Rookie” promotions:

Every member in Red Velvet has a designated color, and blue also just happens to be Wendy’s designated color! And now wonder, because she fits the color so well!

10)  Stray Kids’ Han

At the 2018 MAMA event, Stray KidsHan showed up with a bright blue head of hair that truly stole the show! The color fit well on him, and made him stand out so much more than he already does!

11) NCT Dream’s Jisung

For NCT Dream‘s “We Young” promotions, Jisung sported a very bright blue color that fit well with the “dream-like” concept of the comeback, and complimented Jisung’s adorable features very well!

12) TWICE’s Dahyun

During TWICE’s “Fancy” promotions, Dahyun rocked a soft, light blue shade that matched their sexy and mature concept so well! Dahyun’s also the queen of different hair colors, and no matter what color she sports, look absolutely gorgeous!

13) WINNER’s Seungyoon

In WINNER‘s “Everyday” MV, Kang Seungyoon‘s bright blue hair had fans and non-fans alike absolutely hooked at how handsome he looked with the color!

14) MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

For MAMAMOO’s 2017 promotions with “Yes I Am”, Moonbyul sported a dark blue color that seemed to change hues depending on where she was at the time! Fans loved that look on her, and love how she’s always experimenting with new colors all the time!

15) VIXX’s Hongbin

For VIXX‘s 2018 “Scientist” promotions, Hongbin colored his hair a dark blue that suited his visuals so much! He absolutely killed the look, and had fans wanting more!

16) GOT7’s Youngjae

For GOT7‘s “Eclipse” comeback, Youngjae decide it was time to go blue and delighted fans everywhere with the bright hues upon his head!

17) GFRIEND’s Eunha

For GFRIEND‘s “Sunny Summer” promotions in 2018, Eunha dyed her hair a mid-toned blue that highlighted her bright visuals and and stole the hearts of fans everywhere!

They all look so good with blue hair!