Here Are 20 More Answers From BTS Suga’s Hour-Long Honey FM “AskShoopD” Q&A Session

Can we get ShoopD’s Q&A session every week… please?

On April 23, 2020, BTS‘s Suga threw ARMYs on Twitter into a frenzy after announcing “ShoopD” will be back to answer all their questions on Honey FM 06.13 — a running “radio” series on the group’s live broadcast channel. Then on April 25, 2020, Suga actually hosted an hour-long “AskShoopD” Q&A session in which ARMYs’ curiosities were ceaselessly satisfied. Here are 20 more thirst-quenching answers from DJ Suga!

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1. “ShoopD” is 8 years old. How do you feel?

“I love being a radio DJ.”

2. Which hairstyle did you like the most?

“I’m thinking about going back to my bright hair color days.”

3. We miss Yoonji, how is she?

“She doesn’t really like being in front of the camera, it turns out.”

4. How’s Holly doing?

“Holly is doing really well.”

5. How many plaid shirts do you own?

“I actually have an entire section in my closet dedicated to plaid shirts. But I always end up wearing the same few over and over again.”

6. How many times does it take to shoot the choreography videos?

“Back in the days, we used to take like 5-6 times. It’s usually the first or the second one that gets used though.”

7. Which movie did you watch most recently?

“Wild. It was a good movie, I had a lot of fun watching.”

8. Which era left you feeling the most satisfied?

“The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, parts 1 and 2. We worked really hard on those, so… They’re memorable.”

9. How do BTS pick sub-units?

“Usually the members talk it out amongst ourselves. Sometimes the agency shares thoughts… There’s a lot of bouncing ideas back and forth.”

10. What does the initial title “Flower” mean for the track “Seesaw”?

“Oh, that doesn’t mean anything. I usually title the rough versions without thinking, haha. Like, if I’m hungry, I’ll title it “Hungry” or whatever. Or if I’m frustrated, I’ll slam the keyboard and that will be the title. When I worked on “Seesaw”, I believe I was thinking about a really nice, sunny day out. So I probably pictured some day in late spring – early summer, with flowers and stuff. I tend to do that, I visualize my music. 

11. Which member do you want to work with next?

“I can’t pick, haha. But I would like to work with someone with whom I haven’t worked frequently before. I want us to keep bringing new things to the table.”

12. Why did you and RM fight, as told in the track “Move”?

“Um… We all fight about stupid things though, don’t we? I don’t really remember… I think back then, we used to talk about our trainee days a lot. We were both so young. It was over nothing, I’m pretty sure.”

13. What do the members like to do [when hanging out]?

“We talk so much. Those Bangtan Bomb episodes don’t cover half the things we say. It makes me wonder… Are we really idols? Or are we comedians?”

14. What is the most precious memory you have?

“The memory of BTS at a concert with ARMYs watching and swaying the ARMY Bombs in the air. That’s a beautiful memory.”

15. With which member did you last speak over the phone?

“I actually ate and grabbed some drinks with RM and J-Hope the other day. When we get together like that, we talk about the trainee days. It made me laugh a lot.”

16. How do you overcome your slumps?

“I don’t ever think of my slumps as slumps. But when it hits, I try to stay extremely busy and bombard myself with things to get done. And as I bustle around to get those done, I overcome. If you’re feeling stuck, try to concentrate on figuring out who you are. You are the most important thing in this all.”

17. What do you do when you’re not feeling all that great?

“Well, I used to drink. But I realized that only leads to the next morning being equally as miserable. So I don’t do that anymore.”

18. How much did you weigh at your heaviest?

“60 kilograms (132 pounds).”

19. What are you troubled about these days?

“I’m troubled that I have so many troubles…”

20. What is the answer when you don’t know the answer?

“Number 3. I have this strange faith in the number 3, although it is rarely the correct answer.”

Source: V Live and Twitter