Here Are 20 Most Indulging Answers From BTS Suga’s Hour-Long “AskShoopD” Q&A Session

Thank the heavens for ShoopD!

On April 23, 2020, BTS‘s Suga threw ARMYs on Twitter into a frenzy after announcing “ShoopD” will be back to answer all their questions on Honey FM 06.13 — a running “radio” series on the group’s live broadcast channel. Then on April 25, 2020, Suga actually hosted an hour-long Q&A session in which ARMYs’ curiosities became so thoroughly and ceaselessly satisfied. Here are the 20 most interesting answers from DJ Suga’s “AskShoopD”!

1. How are you spending your free time these days?

“I’m studying, but English is proving to be difficult for me. I’m also looking at psychologic aspects, like the mind, brain, and philosophy. And I’m painting.”

2. What kind of music are you listening to these days?

“I’m listening to a lot of BTS, actually. I’ve always questioned doubtfully why people find our music consoling… but these days, I hear it. I am also comforted by BTS songs.”

3. Can you share with us a video of yourself playing the piano?

“I haven’t played the piano in a long time, so I’m not good enough to ‘show’ it to anyone.”

4. Where were you when Ariana Grande came to take pictures?

“I honestly had no idea she would come say hi. I had something scheduled so I was away but I heard she came by… I was surprised when I saw the picture. Had she been there 5 minutes early, I would have been there.”

5. What is the one thing can’t you live without at the moment?

“My Galaxy Buds 2.”

6. What scares you the most?

“The most… is difficult to pick. I’m not too fond of amusement parks. I don’t like horror movies either. I’m actually scared of a lot of things.”

7. What is the best dish you’ve cooked so far?

“Well, the members really liked my gambas al ajillo. They like anything with a lot of garlic in it. How Korean of us, haha!”

8. Do you have a habit that you want to get rid of?

“I bite my nails. It’s a habit, like you said. So it’s not easy to stop. I tried using those medical ointments too, but it’s an on-going battle.”

9. Which one song do you really want to include in the next setlist?


10. What makes you the happiest these days?

“Happiness all depends on how you look at things, but… These days I’m really happy to be communicating with you guys.”

11. Could we possibly, just maybe, get a studio version of “Tony Montana”?

“I don’t believe there is a studio version…”

12. What are some of your favorite lyrics that really capture how you feel?

“That changes all the time. Right now, I’m feeling the lyrics to “Shadow”.”

13. Would you ever be open to dropping a vocal song?

“Yes, although it probably wouldn’t be like a full-on vocal-only song. But I mean, who knows? Maybe I’ll end up declaring that I want to be in the vocal line from then on.”

14. Who works out the most these days?

“We’re all working out a lot these days. We’re trying to stay fit for the performances. And we’re trying to be healthy… Make sure you all work out at least 20 minutes a day. It’s good for lowering stress levels.”

15. Which member is the scariest when angry?

“That would be the member who is the least likely to get mad, J-Hope.”

16. Which member is the funniest these days?

“I would say Jimin and Jungkook. The two of them make me laugh. They’re cute.”

17. What kind of advice do you have for fellow musicians?

“I make it pretty clear. Everyone can make music. But the challenge is making ‘good’ music. Your listeners will give you the feedback you need. Just get it out there first.”

18. What inspires you?

“Everything can be inspirational, even the face mask and the coffee, the mouse and keyboard in front of me too. It’s all about how you interpret these things. That’s how lyrics come. Like, say there are some clothes tossed on top of the speakers. Right? That in itself can be an inspiration.”

19. Why are you interested in becoming a licensed psychology counselor?

“Hm, I don’t know. I feel like there are certain things that can and must be told, should I come across people who are going through what I went through. I see a lot of people who overthink… and I want to help them in whatever way possible.”

20. Do you still not know how to wear contact lenses by yourself?

“No… I practiced using an entire box of lenses, but I can’t.”


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Source: V Live and Twitter


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