20 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Was The Girlfriend We’ll Never Have

#10 is just a STUNNING photo.

As fans can attest, the BLACKPINK members are all girlfriend material. Besides rapper Jennie, dancer Lisa and eldest Jisoo, Rosé also has her memorable moments. While we may never be her partner in real life, we can always admire her from afar.

Check out some of Rosé’s most heart-fluttering photos below!

1. Going on a date with you

2. Visiting the seaside with you

3. Studying at school with you

4. Posing in a field with you

5. Being super cute for you

6. Laughing aloud because of you

7. Being the sun for you

8. Enjoying the sun with you

9. Enjoying the nightlife with you

10. Relaxing abroad with you

11. Roaming the streets with you

12. Waiting at a lounge with you

13. Chilling at home with you

14. Taking a walk with you

15. Holding flowers for you

16. Being sleepy-happy in an elevator with you

17. Drinking wine with you

18. Enjoying a trip with you

19. Visiting the beach with you

20. And finally, putting all her attention on you