3 Of The Biggest Misconceptions About “Big 3” K-Pop Artists

These might surprise you.

There are lots of misconceptions about artists at “The Big 3” (YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and SM Entertainment) due to the high status of these companies. There have also been many moments when artists from these companies revealed some shocking “truths”. Here are 3 of the biggest misconceptions about “Big 3” artists.

1. “All trainees at YG Entertainment live luxuriously”

During an episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, the BLACKPINK members shocked a lot of people when they revealed how tough their trainee days were.

Jennie shared that they didn’t have a lot of money at the time, so they had to eat scrambled eggs and strawberry jam all the time.

We didn’t have much money at the time. So we mainly lived based on eggs and strawberry jam. We always had scrambled eggs with strawberry jam at least once a day.

— Jennie

Not only that, but they also revealed that their old dorm was full of centipedes and cockroaches.

We used to live with cockroaches.

— Jennie

2. “All idols from big companies become wealthy landlords”

During an episode of MBC‘s Don’t Be Jealous, former Wonder Girls member Hyelim opened up about how much money she had saved since her debut as an idol in 2010.

I have around 150 million won (~$125,000 USD). If I add the money that’s tied up to the house, I have around 200 million won (~$167,000 USD).

— Hyelim

Hyelim also opened up about the misconception people have that idols from big companies are all wealthy landlords.

Doesn’t it seem like I saved very little money compared to how long I was active as an idol? People think all idols are landlords, and although I’m an idol too, I hold that prejudice, too.

— Hyelim

Even though Hyelim was a member of Wonder Girls and an idol at JYP Entertainment for many years, she wasn’t as wealthy as many people might have believed.

You might think that a former Wonder Girls member would have quite a few properties, but when the group was successful with ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Nobody’, I wasn’t in the group. I joined when Wonder Girls went through a hard time passing out flyers in America.

— Hyelim

3. “Trainees at SM Entertainment aren’t allowed to date”

K-Pop companies are quite strict on their trainees about dating, as some companies even separate their male and female trainees to prevent dating.

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However, SM Entertainment doesn’t seem to have this kind of mindset. A former SM Entertainment trainee once revealed that while the company doesn’t encourage dating, there’s no explicit dating ban.

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