Here Are 3 Methods Sasaeng Fans Use To Find Out Information About K-Pop Idols

Some former sasaeng fans shared some of the methods they used.

Sasaeng fans invade the private lives of K-Pop idols all the time, and some may wonder how they’re able to find personal information about idols. Here’s a list of some of the methods sasaeng fans use to find out information about K-Pop idols.

1. Social media

Social media is a common tool that sasaeng fans use to find out information. One common activity that sasaeng fans do is going on the same flight as their favorite idols.


A news reporter once went undercover to find out how sasaeng fans were able to find information like this. The reporter discovered that there were multiple Twitter accounts that sold idols’ seating information for a small fee.

As soon as the reporter transferred the money, the flight information was given. The reporter also specualted that the people running these accounts were airport employees due to the speed and accuracy of the information.

Sasaeng fans also stalk the social media accounts of their favorite celebrities, as well as the accounts of people close to that celebrity, to find out where they are.

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A YouTube channel by the name of “Korea Scouter TV” once interviewed a former sasaeng fan, and she shared that social media was the main way she got information about idols.

2. Sasaeng fans sharing information amongst each other

Another common method sasaeng fans use is sharing information amongst each other. A former BTS sasaeng fan shared how she eventually became a source of information for other sasaeng fans.

Soon, I became a “reliable source” for information about K-Pop idols, and I started making quite a bit of money from selling their information. With the money I got, it would just help me follow my idols even more places to get even more money. I took a lot of private photos and videos that I have now deleted.

— Kasami Yamamoto, former sasaeng fan

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YouTuber Sherliza Moé also once interviewed a former BTS sasaeng fan, and they shared that it’s quite common for sasaeng fans to gather and share information.

Question: “When you were a sasaeng, what exactly did you do? Did you stalk them? Did you sell private information?

Answer: “Yes, we pretty much sold something we could find. I exchanged a lot of sasaeng material with other sasaengs as well. I bought illegal flights, I bought illegal photos… private photos, private information, private telephone numbers… The more information you have, the more you crave, and you can also sell these to other sasaengs as well. You don’t make a good living out of it, but it’s good money. It’s good pocket money. Contrary to popular belief, we sasaengs are not an exclusive group. It’s not hard to find us or to find leaked information. All you need is to know one trustworthy source. On the subject of stalking: I did a couple of things that I’m not very proud of. The worst thing that comes to my mind is taking the same flights as BTS.”

3. Getting jobs that help find information.

Sasaeng fans can even get jobs that help find personal information about their favorite idols, such as working at a telephone company to find the phone number of a certain idol.

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