4 Celebrities Who Have Publicly Dissed BTS

Number 2 is still criticized to this day for his statements.

BTS are one of the biggest artists in the world, and the amount of love they receive is truly incredible.

However, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been some celebrities who have dissed BTS before. Here’s a list of some celebrities who have publicly dissed BTS.


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Rapper ACHILLO came under fire when some netizens dug up some old Facebook of his and found that he had dissed RM in the past.

In the past, RM collaborated with Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko, and ACHILLO commented on how the song was “ruined” due to RM.

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The Rap God meets the Rap Retard… How’ll it be ㅎ I’m only gonna listen to Gaeko’s verse.


When some BTS fans decided to message ACHILLO about his post, he didn’t seem apologetic and continued defending his post.

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2. B-Free

Rapper B-Free made disrespectful comments to Suga and RM in 2013 when he criticized them for becoming idols, as he didn’t view idols as rappers.

You guys (Suga and RM) could have taken the road towards becoming rappers, but you couldn’t beat that temptation. Is BTS’s music hip hop? Is wearing makeup on stage like a girl hip-hop?

— B-Free

This didn’t sit well with BTS or ARMYs, as they viewed his comments as disrespectful to not only Suga and RM but to idols as a whole. BTS even released a diss track targeting B-Free for his comments.

While B-Free did eventually apologize for his comments, it came many years after his comments were made, and many still criticize him for his comments.

3. Yuya Tegoshi

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Former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi recently released his photo essay AVALANCHE, and there was a part where he talked about BTS and TWICE.

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What caught the attention of many was how he stated that he would have achieved similar success to them if he were to study English, or if he were in a group that featured multiple international members.

If we studied English like BTS and had International members like TWICE, we would have been number one in the world and even made our way to the Billboard charts.

—Yuya Tegoshi

Fans were not happy about this statement, as he downgraded the hard work K-Pop idols go through to achieve success.

4. Bobby (iKON)

In 2014, Bobby was featured in Masta Wu‘s “Come Here”, and there was a verse that seemed to be aimed at RM.

Call me a monster, I didn’t give that name to myself, I’m Won Bin in front of bulletproof glass when it comes to skills and looks.

— Bobby

Many assumed that this was targeted to RM since he said “monster”, and RM’s stage name at the time was Rap Monster. Bobby also said “bulletproof glass”, and BTS’s name is Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

Not long after this, RM responded to Bobby at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, where he used the verse “Put your guard up and follow me rapper tone, deaf rapper”.

However, the two ended up meeting after the award show and exchanged some friendly high fives, showing that there was no bad blood between them.