Here Are 4 Of The Most Ridiculous Claims Netizens Have Made About TWICE

The members didn’t deserve to get criticized for any of these.

K-Pop idols have to deal with ridiculous netizens all the time, and sometimes, these netizens make some strange claims about idols. TWICE is a group that has had to deal with this quite a bit. Here are 4 of the most ridiculous claims netizens have made about TWICE.

1. Nayeon being “rude” to Dahyun

TWICE’s Nayeon

Some netizens once accused Nayeon of being rude to her fellow members, particularly Dahyun.

TWICE’s Dahyun

One moment these netizens highlighted was when Nayeon released Dahyun’s hand, saying that she looked like she didn’t want to hold it.

Fans quickly shut down all the speculations these netizens made about Nayeon’s personality. In the clip regarding Dahyun’s hand, it was revealed that Nayeon only let go of Dahyun’s hand since she had to complete a mission. Not only that, but it was Nayeon who grabbed Dahyun’s hand first.

TWICE’s Nayeon (Left) & Dahyun (Right)

2. Tzuyu being “inconsiderate”

Earlier this year, it was reported that Tzuyu had donated 50 million KRW (~42,000 USD) to help Korea with the coronavirus (COVID-19). While she gained a lot of praise from Korean netizens for this, she received a bit of backlash from Chinese netizens. These Chinese netizens criticized her for not donating to China as well, and some of them left comments like, “Tzuyu’s not donating to China because she’s for Taiwan independence” and “I guess her heart isn’t for China“.

However, it was later revealed that Tzuyu had donated the same amount to China, but the money transfer was taking a bit of time.

3. Nayeon being “rude” to Jeongyeon

TWICE’s Nayeon

During a concert, Nayeon ranked herself first and Jeongyeon last, and this caused her to get wrongfully criticized by netizens.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon

These netizens criticized Nayeon since they believed that she was doing the ranking based on merchandise sales of blankets the members personally designed.

However, Nayeon did the ranking before the blankets went on sale, so she couldn’t have done the ranking by sales. Nayeon was doing the ranking based on her personal preference of the members’ designs, and it was done in a joking manner.

4. Dahyun being “rude” to an airport worker

When Dahyun was at an airport, she ran into a situation where an airport attendant “flashed” her passport to the public. However, netizens criticized Dahyun since a particular GIF showed her “snatching” her passport from the attendant’s hand. These netizens said that Dahyun was being “rude”.

Fans quickly came to defend Dahyun and stated that the GIF was cropped maliciously to make Dahyun look rude. The full video showed a normal interaction between a flight attendant and a passenger.


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