ONCEs Shut Down The Internet’s Criticism Over TWICE Dahyun’s Reaction To Her Airport Incident

“Oh my god, just stop.”

On December 29, 2019, TWICE‘s Dahyun found herself having to protect her personal information on her passport, as an airport attendant “flashed” it to the public.


As the details of the incident spread, along with JYP Entertainment‘s official statement about the incident, Korean netizens began attacking everyone involved…


… and that unfortunately included Dahyun. Some netizens found her reaction to the attendant to be ,quote, “bitchy”…


… because in this particular GIF, she seems to snatch the passport away from the attendant’s hand.

  • “Even if we can’t see her face… she snatches the passport before it is handed to her T-T Lol. No matter how many times I watch;;;”
  • “Fine, since we can’t see her face, we don’t know her facial expression. But covering her passport when the attendant is checking her identity THEN snatching the passport away is rude.”
  • “I don’t know. I can’t tell about her facial expression. But the way she took the passport back seems rude to me. I would rethink her personality if she was my friend.”
  • “I honestly don’t see what the attendant did wrong. Fine, she could maybe look frustrated or whatever. But no one snatches the passport away like that. What a bitchy move.”
  • “I hate how she seems agitated and snatches the passport away. I knew she was weird ever since her eagle dance or whatever.”


When the heat grew, ONCEs stepped in to shut down the criticism immediately. They pointed out the GIF has been cropped maliciously to make it look like Dahyun is irritated…

  • “I’m sorry, which part of this is bitchy? I really can’t tell from a single GIF.”
  • “They tried to make it look so by cropping the GIF. What is wrong with some people? I hate how manipulative this can get. This is malicious cropping, obviously.”
  • “Looks like the GIF was edited. This is 100% the photographer/videographer’s fault. Why are everyone else involved being thrown under fire?”
  • “Oh my god, just stop.”


… when in fact, other videos show it as an average interaction between an attendant and a passenger.


In addition, studio PARN, which is one of many TWICE’s fancam channels on YouTube that initially captured and uploaded the video of Dahyun’s moment at the airport, came forward and apologized for the incident, while defending all parties involved.

This is studio PARN. I apologize for the video showing Dahyun’s departure from Gimpo airport today morning. I’m sorry for making ONCEs worry that her personal information might have been leaked from the video. I’m also a loyal ONCE so I try to put my heart into the videos I make. But because I have bad vision, I don’t necessarily catch all the details that are being captured as I’m shooting. I should have checked with more care while editing though.

— studio PARN


The channel also assured ONCEs that from the since-deleted video, it was impossible to attain any information.

I carefully reviewed all frames (6-700 photos) of Dahyun in the video. I enlarged all cuts to check. In my video’s capture of Dahyun’s passport, there is no personal information that can be attained. So please do not worry. And if I may add a few words in defense of the attendant, she did hold Dahyun’s passport up higher, but she had Dahyun’s citizenship number covered with her fingers the whole time.

— studio PARN

Source: THEQOO


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