4 Surprising Details About K-Pop Companies Revealed By Former Employees

Numbers 1 and 2 didn’t hold back.

Throughout the years, more and more former employees from K-Pop companies have been coming out and revealing some details about their time working at said company. Here are four surprising details about K-Pop companies revealed by former employees.

1. Former SM Entertainment employees revealing how bad the company treats employees

Some former and current employees at SM Entertainment left reviews about the company on Jobplanet, a platform much like America’s Glassdoor, where employees can leave anonymous reviews of the companies they have worked for or are currently working for. While the reviews varied, a lot of the reviews for SM Entertainment were negative. According to the reviews, SM Entertainment gives low pay, and employees are treated unfairly.

Some employees also mentioned how the artists at the company were treated like royalty, especially if they were popular. However, if the artists weren’t that successful, then the employees were the ones that got scolded and blamed.

2. Former Woollim Entertainment employees sharing their experiences working for the company

Some former employees at Woollim Entertainment once left reviews about the company on Jobplanet, and a lot of them were negative. One former employee even stated that there was barely anything good about working at the company and that the agency constantly criticized both employees and artists at the company. 

3. Former Big Hit Entertainment employee revealing what the BTS members were like

On an online community board, someone who is close to a former Big Hit Entertainment employee revealed that the BTS members were extremely kind and showed respect to everyone at the company.

The reason why I cannot stop stanning BTS. Someone that is really close to me used to work for Big Hit (they have quit now) and they stated that they always felt bad for the group every time they were attacked for their things like personality, dating rumors, misogyny, etc. From their experience, they knew that they weren’t people to do things like that. It didn’t matter if the employee was of low or high rank, BTS would always show respect and bow every time they passed someone.

Not only that, but the former Big Hit Entertainment employee also revealed that Suga and Jin tend to draw the line quickly when they spot questionable employees.

They also revealed that while some think that Big Hit’s inside system is really dirty and there actually are a lot of people that look at the boys as only money and some people even hide the fact they are fans and get hired so that they can be close to them. They know that Suga and Jin draw the line very quickly when they see people like that who try to step over the line.

4. Former YG Entertainment employee revealing why BLACKPINK don’t have male staff members

An alleged former YG Entertainment employee shared that BLACKPINK usually don’t have male staff members around them.

The reason is that Teddy, BLACKPINK’s main producer, doesn’t want male staff around the members.

BLACKPINK may be under YG Entertainment but The BLACK Label’s Teddy is the person who is in charge of them. Teddy knows the members are pretty so he hates when there is male staff around them. That’s why all their staff members are women.”

— Alleged ex-YG Entertainment employee